Super Luke

Super LukeMeet Super Luke. Luke’s short for Leukocyte, which is pretty unimaginative as he’s a white blood cell, but you wouldn’t give Spiderman much props in the creative department either, so there! By day, he’s your typical white blood cell, fighting infections and disease. However, when he sees bored students, he dons his periodic table cape and fights apathy in the classroom. One of his favorite things to do is teach middle schoolers about the spread of germs in the PBIS unit, Good Friends and Germs. He’s also got a new gig bringing low-cost, high-quality STEM supplies to teachers on! As if that wasn’t enough, he’s currently pursuing acting with starring roles in STEM of Thrones and STEM Wars. If you’re a fan of Super Luke or his work, make sure to give him a holler on twitter @ItsAboutTimeEDU! Super Luke loves to meet the fans!